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Alex Zuzin

Head of ZUZIN.COM,
ICO Brothers, Internet entrepreneur


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A news portal
4 projects
An internet project, the main module of which is a news feed. The major task of such a project is to highlight the maximum number of current events and become a "newsmaker" quoted by other media. The geography and subject of the news portal may be various. Our agency has experience in launching of general media and projects in narrow niches and locations.
Ad sites
3 projects
Nowadays, sites with ads play not only the role of a board, but also replace many thematic portals. For example, many users prefer advertising sites instead of portals for real estate, cars, or gadgets. The most popular ad sites in Runet are Avito and Yula.
Marketplaces and exchanges
2 projects
It is an online resource allowing one party to sell a product or service and the other to purchase them. Such resources are profitable for both sides of the deal, because they allow people to find the best offer, quickly make a transaction, get guarantees from the service, and not spend extra money on paying fees for transaction support specialists.
4 projects
A service collecting information about certain platforms or products in one place. It allows the user to compare offers from different sellers and find the best ones. The model of an such internet project implies monetization with income sharing or a fixed reward for visiting the site of the end seller.
Search engine
The first popular search engines appeared in the last century. Now they are not only text search services, but also full-fledged holdings with many different directions and businesses. The most popular search engine in Runet is Yandex.
7 projects
Now the most popular are those services that implement one, but very popular function. Some of them are getting a taxi, food delivery, using courier services, and others.
Video portal
1 project
The introduction of video content in the internet grows with every year. Today, more and more viewers prefer to see video on demand, use online cinemas, TV series subscription services, and popular video hosting services.
City portals
59 projects
A city portal is a meeting place for citizens to discuss urgent issues and get the latest and most up-to-date information. These portals contain all breaking news information about business in the city, event announcements, weather forecasts, and a lot of other useful information.
WIKI services
3 projects
They are services allowing any user to take part in the creation of the encyclopedia. The most popular service of this type is Wikipedia.
Cashback Service
1 project
Any customer can receive cashback after making purchases in the store. It helps to increase loyalty and give more chances for customer returns.
Cryptocurrency projects
57 projects
Since 2017, the cryptocurrency segment has been actively developing, attracting the attention of IT experts. During this period, the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies exceeded $800 mln. Many countries have already legalized operations with cryptocurrencies.
Mobile apps
20 projects
The number of mobile device users has exceeded the number of desktop users. Now it is not necessary to create a website, it is enough to create a mobile app. People use mobile apps to communicate, share files, play games, find jobs, set routes, listen to music, and so on.
Online catalogs
24 projects
Online catalogs allow the user to quickly find a company or service in any business area. Such projects usually have convenient search functions, sorting, map services, and other useful features.
Social network
2 projects
Social networks are an important part of modern life. People of all ages use them to communicate with friends, make new acquaintances, have fun, and solve business issues. Social networks can have a general theme, like Facebook or to be narrowly focused, specialized for book lovers, bikers, coffee lovers, or people who want to learn foreign languages etc.
Online school
1 projects
With the emergence of the pandemic, many people have started thinking about getting additional skills, which will allow them to earn money remotely from home. This caused a huge number of users visiting online schools. Today it is one of the most promising and fast-growing segments of the internet business.
Online game
Online games are an actively developing segment of IT. The audience of gamers in Russia exceeds 66 million people. The online games market is valued at about $2 billion.
35 projects
A time-tested project format allowing users to Implement all kinds of communication, such as create topics, discuss pressing issues, share files and enter into personal correspondence.
Thematic portals
47 projects
In any segment of business, there are thematic portals informing about major events and main market players. These industries include real estate, agriculture, metallurgy, energy, telecommunications, and many others. In addition to business portals, there are thematic portals about sports, hobbies and different areas of life, uniting people according to interests.
Online booking systems
People using online booking services can make an appointment at a hair salon, book a table at a restaurant, buy a ticket and do many other things.

Field of activity

Real estate
Film and television
Tourism and recreation
Banks and deposits
Cafes and restaurants
Agricultural industry
Combative sport

Our competence

  • Concept development
  • Technical specifications development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing planning
Technical services
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • System integration
  • Support
  • Functionality development
  • Contextual advertising
  • Search promotion
  • Advertising in social networks
  • SMM management
  • E-mail marketing
Management and monetization
  • Strategic management
  • Operational management
  • Strategic partnership
  • Monetization and sales
  • Business tokenization



Launch of regional web studio in Novorossiysk
Entering the Moscow market for website creation services
Launch of more than 30 real estate and development projects
Launch of more than 70 business- and entertainment-related portals and media
Creation of the brand. Partnership with
Launch of the first portal - Commercial Realty aggregator
Launch of more than 20 projects in the field of TV and video content


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